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The smell of the water, its quality does not show the appearance and taste. Can be felt and seen a lot of problems in the water. The only way to be sure is to test the water more. If you are using the network you are connected to water resource values ​​can be obtained. However, problems arising from water transport and storage of water is considered the safest way to be tested. 


Total Dissolved Matter (TDS) of water is one of the important parameters indicating the richness of minerals and ions. Because, in nature waters, according to sources, differ in terms of TDS concentrations. 1500 mg / lt the concentration of TDS, "Fresh Water" upper limit to the resources. 5000 mg / Lt TDS'ye waters have in general "Bitter Water" is being described as containing more water TDS "Salt Water" is defined as. Presence of high TDS waters (> 2000 mg / lt) ion in the water for almost any purpose is a condition requiring removal process. This type of water can not be used except for industrial or social purposes, such as limited water supply, irrigation water used in purposes. 

WHAT IS SOFT WATER Are the Benefits? 

Most people know the benefits of clean drinking water, soft water, but less is known of the advantages to families. Soft water improves your quality of life as follows. 
1.Yumuşak to have a water-saving. Less use of soap and cleaning materials. Takes place automatically save your budget. 
2.Su installation will last longer. Hard water leads to the installation of mineral residues. If not, this remains a soft water. Water pressure and tazziği decrease. Set the water heater tesisatındaki arthritis causes an increase in fuel consumption. 
3.Su heating equipment becomes more long-lasting. Does not leave any residue left by hard water and lime accumulations. Heater to the absence of lime remains of at least 20% energy savings. 
4.Traş reduces ghost. Soft water provides razor blade to move more easily. Shaving also extends the life of bıçağınızın. 
5.Su all the devices that use life is extended. Coffee, tea makinesından, moisturizing steam machine, all the cars life is extended. 
6.Yumuşak is more delicious dishes made with water. Hardness minerals gives a taste of unwanted food. Hard water with a misty view of the ice is. 


1.Ciltlerinde soap residues do not. Kaplanmadığı skin's natural oil, minerals and healthy for the skin becomes softer. Human skin after bath or shower in hard water soap curd sticks. Clog the pores and hardens the skin covering the hair strands. This mass with skin adhesive, creates a favorable environment for bacterial growth. 
Will need less soap to clean 2.Cildi. These features are important for younger children. Soap and cleaning products more susceptible to skin a young age. Small amount of soft water, soap and shampoo are used for a long time. 
3.Saçlar hardness of minerals, a coat that is soft and easily shaped than örtülmediğinde. It provides easy to be scanned and non-interference. 


1.Muhtemelen the first thing you notice when you use soft water is that you are less cleaning materials. Dishwashing detergent, shampoo, laundry detergent and use less soap. This is because soft water is too strong a power cleaner. You'll get better results using less. Normally, ½ or 2 / 3 less cleaning product you will receive the same or even better results. 

2.Elbiseleriniz is long lasting and bright. Fabric leaves the minerals in hard water.This is causing them to appear dull and dirty. Washing machine will last longer. 

Oluşmazlar 3.Lekeler and rings in the bathroom. 

4.Bardak lines and plates does not occur. 

Film of water and soap residues left by 5.Sert not it easier and faster to clean the dirty floor and the walls. 

6.Yumuşak water bath when your skin becomes softer. Bath and shower, your skin feeling clean and refreshed in real exit. At the same time reduces the properties of rough and dry skin. 

Long period of time the brightness of the color of your hair, protects 7.Eğer boyuyorsanız. 


Hard water is normally the most common problem in homes. Hard water, 1 GPG'nin containing mineral waters on the hardness. The most common hardness minerals kalsyum, manganese and magnesium. 

SAĞLIKLIMIDIR boiling water 

No, boiling water will only destroy the bacteria. Contaminants such as nitrates often can not be separated by boiling water. In some cases, increase the concentration of polluting substances to reduce the water boiling process. 


To test your water hardness and the properties of special analysis is required.Yapılabilirken parameters such as hardness with a simple kit. Detailed analysis is required for the laboratory analysis. Hıfzısıha provincial directorates for the analysis of your water application. 


Chlorine is a disinfectant put into the water to destroy disease-causing bacteria. 80 years chlorine has been proven to reduce disease. However, some scientists chloroform chlorine in the water combined with other substances such as pollutants and organisms respond to believe that. Called disinfection by-product of this content can lead to other health problems like cancer. Chlorine in the water suspended in the water disturbing the chlorine treat size as activated carbon filters.


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