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Our packaging market in 1987 under the name of SEKMAS life came into commercial production activities, beginning with

Export to the world was opened in 1995, after this stage in the field of packing products in different product matba katagorilerinde imports began işlemlerinede

PACKAGING IMPAŞ in 2002 by founding its commercial activities LTD.STI SAN TIC packaging market, where it deserves to grow even further from where it came and made this the market has managed to integrate with the name of an element of trust. All kinds of paper and paper packaging box, offset printed corrugated cardboard boxes such as the stand-quality materials and quality of service among the customers of the services provided and in this regard the habit of always to the fore among the firms succeeded in raising himself ..

At this stage, construction work in the field of laminate flooring IMPAŞ by increasing imports of PVC floor tiles and wallpaper by making the market has an important place in the decoration of these products has undertaken studies in the field of real estate projects on producing

Electrical-electronic components used in building infrastructure in the field of Electrical and Electronics and expand imports of similar products with assembly and production in some areas came to the fore by

The troubles of our country, especially focusing on water and wastewater treatment systems with the latest technology in this area and over under-counter reverse osmosis water treatment uv-on uf filtration systems came into large-scale import and production phases

İmpaş construction of water treatment Co., Ltd.. Sti. committed to operating in water-wastewater treatment and wholesale company. In this context, different capacities, fully automatic or manually set up facilities, equipment and chemicals used in water and wastewater treatment is provided.

İmpaş aquawim raw water or wastewater as a starting point in the design of treatment systems for the characterization and determines the most recent and advanced water treatment technologies according to customer requests, the process determines the process of determining the most appropriate computer-aided programs, laboratory tests and pilot facilities utilized. As a result, the most appropriate, the system price and operating costs of economic process is selected.

All projects, process selection, design, installation and commissioning stage of admission made by engineers and technicians

Our company is also a natural source of water in the field of plastic blow molding önarıtma larımızın evaluation of ozonation as filling and packaging with a complete turnkey plant construction and stores will deliver the required capacity building

Operate on the Internet and promotion systems developed IMPAS AGENCY, Internet and information technology companies and e-commerce has been established to provide relevant-do-quality and appropriate conditions.

INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO.LTD IMPAS past to present, we provide the care and attention to quality service and confidence in this market, we have demonstrated the indispensable elements of the electronic construction package and put it between agricultural education and IT sectors continue to serve you by protecting this çizgimizi

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